time theories and experiments on time rate control
Technical proposals
for time control research program

Modern theories about nature of space and time
    There are many known theories and no needs to comment all of them. I submitted here some data that is correlating with my own understanding. This data let me develop practical ideas and offer some time rate control experiments.

  Prof. Nikolay A. Kozyrev

 Academician Albert Veinik

 Dr. Vadim A. Chernobrov
 Report of 1996 about Time-Machine design and results

 Dr. Josef Hasslberger
Paper "A New Beginning for Thermodynamics"
Paper " A Tetrahedron-Based System of Space Co-Ordinates"

 Dr. Lavrenty S. Shikhobalov

 Dr. Yuri G. Belostotsky

 Dr. Alexander M. Mishin
 Paper on Ether Wind detection

 Dr. A A. Nassikas

Prof. Alexander Abian
Paper "Equivalence of Time and Mass"

 Time conception in experiments with gyroscopes

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