Time Machine by Dr. Сhernobrov   Dr. Vadim Chernobrov
Moscow Aviation Institute, "Propeller", Panfilov Str., 20-2, Moscow, 125080, Russia. Phone: 7-095-2099195

His Time-machine report of 1996 about Time Machine design and experimental results was first such sort report I saw. The Machine is complex systems of many electromagnets and its diameter is about 1 meter.
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    It is his many-layers electromagnetic system. In the report he said only several words about the principles and their technical realization: there are electromagnets and they are powered in special impulse mode to create "wave that is moving to central point of the system".
By my theory it is the way (one of many other ways) to create the "energy pumping" for some local space-time. In Ether theory the idea is "to change the density of the Ether".
    Dr. Chernobrov's understanding of Time structure is not theoretical ideas only but it is based on his experimental results: the rate of time flow was chaged about 2 sec per 1 hour of experiment, he reported in 1996.
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