Motionless electromagnetic generator by Alexander V. Frolov
Executive Summary
"Magnet amlifier with permanent magnets"

Subject of project: research on magnet amplifier using permanent magnets.

The goal is to develop optimal design and operaion mode of magnet amplifier using permanent magnets.
The tasks are to find best ferromagnetic materials, optimal mode of operation of electronic control circuits  to get maximum output power for minimum input consuption.

Planned results are:

  1. Input power must be about 30% of output power
  2. It is planned to get self-running autonomous mode of operation without accumulator battery or other input source
  3. Size 200х400х100 mm
  4. Primary input source is 12DVC accumulator battery of 12AH capacity

Modern experiments on this topic are named as MEG (motionless electromagnetic generator) using change of magnetic resistance to control permanent magnet field in area of secondary coils to generate E.M.F. In 1960-th this technology was named as “magnet transistor” or “fluxor” and it was used in powerful current amplifiers.

Fig.1 MEG usual design

We designed and tested several different experimental devices to see what design is better for application of usual non-expensive ferrite materials in this type of energy generator. The theory was confirmed but we did not reach yet self-running mode of operation.

Our offeris to develop research and patent this technology for commercial application.

The Scientific Research Work (SRW) is planned as 7 months in 3 stages:
1. Documnation, experimenting - 4 months
2. Joint experimenting with customer - 2months
3. Optimization of design - 1 months

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